How to save leftovers?

How to save leftovers?

How to save leftovers?

When holidays come and the parties with friends and family ends, there is always a lot of delicious food left. Many people who advocate frugality and the idea of ​​not wasting food are reluctant to throw away leftovers. Generally, the leftovers are put into the fresh-keeping box, and the heating is repeated until the food is finished. However, long-term consumption of overnight meals can endanger your health.

Because the food is left for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, and the original nutrients will be greatly reduced! Even if the food is wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator, it will not become rancid easily. In addition, the seal is not tight, and it is also easy to be contaminated by mold and stains in the refrigerator, resulting in deterioration. Moreover, when the food is stored for a long time, it is easy to produce carcinogens-nitrite, which is extremely harmful to human health.


Therefore, it is best to cook the food and eat it. If you can't finish it at once, try to finish it in the shortest time. It is a pity to throw away foods like chicken, goose, venison, etc. At this time, vacuum preservation technology can be used to keep the food fresh. When the food is isolated from the air, it can keep fresh for a longer time.

Because when the food isolates the air, it can prevent bacteria from breeding and pollution, delay the oxidation rate, not odor, and it is not easy to revert moisture, and there are many benefits.

Experiments have shown that at the same time, the fruits and beef of the ordinary preservation method and the vacuum preservation method are used respectively. The freshness in the vacuum crisper remains the same, while the normal crisper has deteriorated.

It can be seen that when the storage time is the same, the vacuum-preserved food is more fresh and hygienic. Similarly, the vacuum-preserved food will be more fresh and hygienic.

We all know that food spoilage is mainly due to contact with bacteria and microorganisms in the air, and oxygen accelerates the spoilage of food.

Therefore, isolating the air can extend the preservation time. Now many foods in supermarkets are vacuum-packed, and it is the same to keep them fresh without adding preservatives! In the same way, home meals, fresh ingredients, and dried groceries can be vacuumed to keep their quality and freshness, and can be stored for a longer period of time.

The Geryon vacuum sealing machine is used with a vacuum preservation containers and a vacuum preservation bag. It can be vacuumed with one button and the container can be vacuum-sealed, which can extend the preservation period of the food in the container by 3-5 times, and no longer worry about food waste. Not only can it keep fresh ingredients, it is easier to store.

It is also a good helper for tidying up refrigerator cabinets. Generally speaking, the area of ​​the kitchen at home is not too big, but it is contracting the family’s firewood, rice, oil and salt, and three meals a day. Like daily leftovers, miscellaneous grains and dried goods, fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, snacks and so on. All of these can be found in the kitchen, so whether it is on the wall or on the floor, the refrigerator or the cabinets, the kitchen is fully placed, and how to store it neatly is also troubled by many people.


At this time, another major advantage of vacuum preservation comes into play, because vacuuming can make food smaller and more space-saving. Moreover, we can also divide the food into vacuum packaging according to the size of the refrigerator or storage cabinet, so as to maximize the space utilization of the small kitchen.

A Geryon vacuum sealer is available at home to make the food at home fresher and healthier, and it can also make the kitchen cleaner and tidy. The health of your family will be guarded by you, and the new experience of the kitchen will be transformed by you!


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