Today, Geryon is one of the largest vacuum sealers manufactures in the world and brings some of the finest vacuum sealers for its consumers, but it wasn’t always like that!

Back in 2002, Mr. Zhao Yong ran two restaurants in the city and also provided food for weddings and other parties. While working in the kitchen and storing perishable food and other ingredients always reminded Zhao of his wife struggling with preserving the leftover food and ingredients at home as she had to put in extra effort, time and arrange extra space.

Zhao Yong and his wife both worked and kept a busy schedule that only allowed them to shop for groceries and do other house chores once a week. The family encountered problems in preserving perishable food such as fruits, meat and veggies shopped in advance as there was no good vacuum sealer for household use, the ones available were either pricey or weren’t the best quality. This gave him a challenging yet brilliant idea.

His entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and commitment to solving the issue for the love of his life and hundreds of thousands of other people convinced Zhao to consider developing a reliable and high-quality vacuum sealer truly designed for household users. For this, he discussed the idea that was haunting his mind with an industry expert. Luckily, it gained approval. Together they came up with a solution for the problem of every household kitchen out there. The solution was Geryon.

Zhao’s personal experience in the food business and kitchen, allowed him to strive hard along with his partner to develop and continuously improve Geryon’s vacuum sealers with the passing years. Geryon paid special attention to the product design, features, employed advanced technology and the most reliable raw materials to make high-quality kitchen vacuum sealers, and soon earned a good reputation in the market.

Today, almost after two decades Geryon still lives by that fiery ambition to bring the most innovative and satisfying kitchen appliances and continues to expand to all continents. Join hands with Geryon and Transform your Kitchen Life while striving
together to put an end to food wastage.


Transform Your Kitchen Life

Geryon Mission: On a journey to bring the most innovative and reliable vacuum sealers at a revolutionary price, while paving the way for people to conveniently store more food and reduce food wastage.

Geryon Vision: Geryon aims to lead the global industry by making the best use of advanced technology, durable materials, and craftsmanship to create vacuum sealers and appliances that preserve well and help people transform their kitchen life.


Geryon Values

Focused on Transforming Kitchen Experience
Geryon strives every day to transform the way people deal with the food leftovers and put all the good tech and quality materials in use to offer vacuum sealers that are entitled to give you a pleasant experience and change your life for good.

We Innovate & Improving Consistently
Our team of experts and professionals in their craft have ensured that our vacuum sealers are of the utmost quality and won’t fail to impress. We pay special attention to the product design features using advanced technology at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Combating Global Food Wastage
Joining the fight to combat the global food wastage problem is one of our core values. The environment is drastically changing, and any means that can help us reverse the damage done is welcome. Our vacuum sealers can do just that. Save the environment by saving food.

Striving for Customer Satisfaction
We are always all ears to the real needs of our customers and consider their feedback, and use it to develop need-satisfying and inspiring kitchen appliances. We hold high value to our customers' feedback and concerns. Fully satisfying their needs is one of our major priorities. Our dedicated team always stands ready to serve our global customers 24/7.