Today, Geryon stands as one of the world's leading vacuum sealer manufacturers, offering top-quality products to its customers. However, the journey to this success was a humble one.

In 2002, Mr. Zhao, a restaurateur, recognized a common struggle faced by his wife and many others. Preserving leftover food and ingredients was a challenge, especially for families with busy schedules. Weekly grocery shopping didn't always align with the perishable nature of food items.

Zhao's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to solving this issue led to the idea of creating an affordable, high-quality vacuum sealer for household use. He collaborated with an industry expert to bring this vision to life, and Geryon was born.

Geryon's vacuum sealers were designed with precision, incorporating advanced technology and top-notch materials. Over nearly two decades, Geryon has continued to innovate and expand, earning a strong reputation in the market.

Today, Geryon remains committed to its mission of providing innovative kitchen appliances to customers across the globe. Together with Geryon, you can transform your kitchen life and contribute to reducing food wastage.

Thank you for being part of the Geryon journey.