Our Story

DongGuan ZeYang E-commerce Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and distributes kitchen appliances and accessories under the proprietary Geryon brand.

We have been specialized in the small kitchen appliance field for over 6 years. We make the production of "GERYON®" brand vacuum sealers. All our products are pass FDA, ETL approved, and BPA-FREE certifications. Moreover, we have a strong development department that can create new vacuum sealers each year. We do not only strive to help people save time, money, and food. We also help keep kitchens running smoothly and efficiently. All of our vacuum sealers and so on products, Geryon are perfect for busy families or entertain people. It also the Low-temperature vacuum cooking partner.

Geryon is a company that is focused on bringing convenience and keep fresh ways to every people. After we saw many pictures that a lot of food and money are being wasted from people. We began examining our lives ways in which our daily use of products. Cultivate simple and convenient living habits and save living expenses. These actions can reduce waste for us. Become a partner with nature by limiting waste, reducing the global footprint, and preserving natural resources.

To make your future limitless.
Easy Way To Enjoy Your Healthy Life!