Our Promise

Why Choose Us?

Every time you preserve food with a Geryon system, you are guaranteed the promise of freshness. Geryon vacuum seal bags are proven to keep food fresh up to 5x longer, and preserve flavor, so your food tastes just as good as the day you bought it.

Our Customer Group

Without a doubt! These are just the majority of the crowd. We believe you have more creations about Geryon. Maybe you like outdoor camping and you need to bring ingredients in advance. Maybe you like going to sea travel, and you hope to eat fresh beef at sea. Maybe you are a business, you need to pack some of your ingredients to keep them fresh. Everything is possible! The features of Geryon are created by you!


White Collar Worker

When you are busy and not often go to the supermarket, Geryon vacuum sealer can be used to preserve dry grains and fresh foods. The vacuum bags can prevent the odor from the refrigerator. On your vacation or business trip, you can pack your items by vacuum sealing machine. Convenient to carry. You may like to hold parties with your friends, you can prepare meat and BBQ food in advance to save time.



You need to purchase foods in bulk so that can save money. At the same time, you focus on preservation time and preparing dishes time. Using Geryon vacuum sealer can save refrigerator space and make them easier to sort ingredients. Geryon bags prevent oxidation of food, so that ensure nutrition and taste. Unusual food needs to be organized to prevent moisture and insects. 



Maybe you are an environmentalist, you often use scientific cooking methods. In order to ensure the taste of the ingredients, you like to cook ingredients by Sous vide. This is all to reduce waste and cost. You may like to cook meat. Geryon vacuum sealer allows you to reduce the cost of cooking, keep your favorite meat taste and other ingredients fresh.



You like to cook by yourself, and seldom go shopping. You are enjoying the lifestyle is simple and happiness. So that you still need the preservation time longer for foods. You can easy to use Geryon vacuum sealer, it has simple operation function. Use vacuum bags without BPA materials to preservable, it can keep food fresh in the freezer up to 5x longer.