How to make Christmas food | Side Dishes

How to make Christmas food | Side Dishes

The editor is here as promised! Have seen our appetizers and main dishes series, do you already have a certain concept of classic Christmas recipes? The new year is approaching, and today we will talk to you about the side dishes in the Christmas dinner. Although the side dish is not the main dish, it is also an essential collocation. It is also very suitable for the tastes of the children at home!

Cranberry Sauce

Picture Credit: @Yoori Koo (from Unsplash)

It's Christmas time when cranberry jam is most popular. Cranberry sauce has a sour taste with a little sweetness, and many people use it as a sweet sauce for spreading bread. In fact, for Americans, this sweet and sour sauce is the best match for meat. In Christmas dinners, cranberry sauce is generally used with turkey, and sometimes with duck or ham.


Picture Credit: @Priscilla Du Preez (from Unsplash)

Pies, also called "pies", are one of the favorite foods of Americans. Every time a day is worth celebrating, there is always a pie to join in. There are many types of pie, it can be sweet pie made with fruit and cream, or salty pie made with meat and vegetables. It can be used as a side dish for a meal or as a dessert after a meal. The production method is also very simple. A piece of pie crust is neatly lined up with flavored fillings and baked in the oven until the pie crust is golden brown. A festive and delicious pie is ready.

Mashed Potato

Picture Credit: @Anna Stampfli (from Unsplash)

Mashed potatoes are also a role often seen in Christmas dinners. Because of its cheapness, convenience and deliciousness, it often appears in various menus. It is very simple to make mashed potatoes at home, and it is almost a wild dish with zero failure rate.

How to make mashed potatoes

Raw materials:
2 large potatoes, right amount of butter, right amount of cream, 3 small cloves of garlic, salt, white pepper, and right amount of cheese.

(1) Cut potatoes into slices, boil them in water until soft
(2) Cut the garlic into garlic paste, cut the butter into small pieces, and shred the cheese
(3) Filter out the water, mash the potatoes with a whisk or masher, add minced garlic, butter and half of the cheese while it's hot, and add butter until the mashed potatoes don't look dry.
(4) Add a small amount of cream, stir, then add salt and white pepper to taste
(5) Spread butter on a baking tray, pour in mashed potatoes, spread the remaining half of the cheese on the surface, and bake it in the oven at 180 F until the cheese is melted.


There are not only these 3 kinds of side dishes. If you have more ideas, please leave a comment on your favorite side dish in the comment area. In the next issue, we will discuss the dessert series together!

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