In fact, everyone has a deeper misunderstand of food preservation. More fresh time remain at the stage where the refrigerator preservation is sufficient. Refrigerator preservation is of course important, but it is far from enough to rely solely on the refrigerator for preservation. In many cases, the help of a vacuum sealer is needed! A healthy diet also requires correct preservation methods. Now, let us understand together why a vacuum sealer is used to preserve food?

As a foodie, we often purchase and stock up food in large quantities. So that no matter how big the refrigerator, it's full. All things are messy and miscellaneous, and there are problems with odor. Food accumulates too much, and there may be some expired or even rotten foods that have not been found inside. The bacteria will affect other fresh foods even more presumptuously.

The functions of vacuum sealing come in handy. As the name implies, the vacuum sealing machine uses vacuum technology to keep food fresh with the help of vacuum bags, vacuum containers and other media. Vacuum preservation can keep the food fresh and delicious. The deterioration of our food is more often caused by "oxygen". It isolates the oxygen and keeps the food in a vacuum state, blocking the food and air contact, which can effectively prevent food from spoiling and spoiling. And it can solve the problem of food odor in the refrigerator, and give the food the most original taste storage method.

A healthy life is inseparable from fresh food, this is a healthy habit that we cannot ignore! Everyone may check whether the food in the refrigerator is in a "healthy state"?

Well, let us run through just a few of the reasons why these vacuum sealers are becoming so popular in home kitchens.

Food Preservation

Vacuum sealers preserve food in 2 ways:

* They remove the air (and most specifically the oxygen) from around the food which means that any bad bacteria has nothing to feed on and your food won't "go off".

* They wrap the food in a protective plastic layer, stopping anything nasty from getting to your food and damaging it.


Maybe you know that sous vide cooking, but it not only the first function of vacuum sealers. Vacuum sealers have many advantages. Such as food preservation, keep your food safe, extending shelf life, preventing freezer burn, save foods taste, bulk buying, storing loose items, protect jewelry, save  your money and so on. The list will create from you. 

Geryon vacuum sealer can support a vacuum container. You only need to use the vacuum tube connect container and vacuum sealing machine. It can finish perfectly. And there are some chamber vacuum sealer in the market, simply place the jars or canisters that you want to seal directly into the machine and away you go. 

More functions of vacuum sealer, you can find it by yourselves!

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